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Kirsch applauds Gov. Wolf's budget

AFT Pennsylvania President Ted Kirsch
Statement on Gov. Wolf's budget address

“Governor Wolf’s budget demonstrates a genuine appreciation of the work that our teachers and support staff do and offers a historic level of new funding, resources and ideas to help students.

“Governor Wolf asked legislators to invest an additional $415 million into early childhood, K-12, career and technology, special and early intervention education programs – money that goes a long way to closing the funding gap between rich and poor schools and helps to level the playing field of opportunity. He urged lawmakers to cut the compulsory age for school attendance to six, study offering free, universal kindergarten to all children and raise teachers’ minimum starting salaries so that urban, rural and suburban districts can hire and retain the best teachers for their children.

“Governor Wolf’s vision not only supports education for our children, it increases state funding for colleges and universities, increases financial aid to make a dent in students’ exploding college debt and provides a new level of support and opportunity for parents who need education and training to secure good jobs and a permanent place in the workforce.

“Governor Wolf’s budget speaks to all Pennsylvanians on an aspirational level. If passed, it has the potential to elevate our schools, our profession and our students, retool our workforce and build an economy that works for all Pennsylvanians.”

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