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Labor helps elect Conor Lamb to Congressional Dist.18

Statement by AFT Pennsylvania President Ted Kirsch
on the Congressional District 18 Special Election

"I want to congratulate Conor Lamb on his apparent victory in the 18th Congressional District and thank working Pennsylvanians, who came together to send a talented political newcomer to Washington to represent them in these extraordinary times.

"Conor Lamb’s victory shows that Pennsylvania's working families are tired of name-calling, partisan rhetoric and fear-mongering. Teachers, school nurses and librarians joined with firefighters, laborers, steelworkers and other working people knocked on doors, staffed election phone banks and passed out flyers to elect Conor Lamb, who has demonstrated through his military service, public service and during the campaign that he believes in working families and will carry our concerns to Congress. Voters showed they want real representation instead of reality-show antics.

"Conor Lamb understands the challenges working families face, and he’s committed to fighting to ensure that our paychecks keep roofs over our families’ heads, our health insurance covers our medical needs, that our children have access to well-funded public schools and can go to college without amassing a mountain of debt.

"This election brought working people together to stand up for what families, children and senior citizens need and demand that their voices are heard in Washington.

AFT Pennsylvania represents 26,000 K-12 teachers and school support employees, college and university faculty and staff and state employees throughout the state.

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