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Arthur Steinberg elected to represent AFTPA members

PHILADELPHIA – AFT Pennsylvania elected Arthur Steinberg president of the statewide teachers union on Sunday at the conclusion of the union’s biennial convention here.

Steinberg and his slate of officers from across the state, representing educators and support staff from early childhood education through higher education as well as state professional employees, were elected to two-year terms.

“Our goal is to work with our local leaders, members and our partners across Pennsylvania to advocate for students and their families and our members,” Steinberg said. “If we want to make progress as a state, it’s critical that all children get a good education and emerge from high school prepared to succeed in advance job training programs, in college or at a university.”

Steinberg began his career as a special education teacher at Edison High School in Philadelphia. He attended Philadelphia public schools, and his wife, father, mother and sister were Philadelphia teachers. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and master’s degrees from Temple University and Arcadia University.

Steinberg joined the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers in 1983 as a staff representative and became a coordinator for the PFT Health and Welfare Fund. He is treasurer of PFT Local 3 and chairman of the PFT Health and Welfare Fund and the PFT Legal Services Fund.

Nina Esposito-Visgitis, president of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers since 2011, was elected AFTPA executive vice president. Esposito-Visgitis began her career as a speech-language specialist in the Pittsburgh Public Schools in 1980 and joined the PFT Local 400 staff in 2002.

President Arthur Steinberg
Executive VP  Nina Esposito-Visgitis
Treasurer LeShawna Coleman
Assistant Treasurer Jerry T. Jordan
Secretary Wendy Coleman
Assistant Secretary Denise Rogers
Legislative Representative Hillary Linardopoulos
Asst. Legislative Representative William Hileman

Vice Presidents

VP for Paraprofessional/School Related Personnel Marguerite Ruff
VP At Large Kristofer Bergman, Cyndi Bolden, Trina Dean, Hannah McCarthy, Karen Schermerhorn, Michelle Shaw-Carpenter, John Strauss, Elizabeth Yoder
VP for Area Career & Technical Education Jack Hartley
VP for AFTPA Retirees Dee Phillips
VP for Colleges Steve Newman
VP for Paraprofessionals Karen Kennedy
VP for Central Region  Tina Weaver
VP for Northeast Region Rosemary Boland
VP for Northwest Region Matthew J. Mikovich
VP for Philadelphia Christopher Aichele, Joan M. McGowan, Dolores Morris, Cheryl Nesmith, Ed Olsen, Robert Tate
VP for Pittsburgh Harold Grant
VP for Southeast Tara Huber
VP for Southwest Region John Harrell

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