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Pittston Area teachers, staff ratify new contract

Members of the Pittston Area Federation of Teachers overwhelmingly ratified new contracts covering teachers and paraprofessional employees Wednesday.

The two-year agreement covers nearly 300 teachers, nurses, counselors, librarians, secretaries, educational assistants and health technicians. The contract is retroactive to June 30, 2016, when the previous agreement expired, and expires June 30, 2018.

“Our discussions with the district were frank and were guided by a mutual desire to reach an agreement that reflects what is best for our students and is fair to teachers, staff, families and the community,” said Meredith McGlynn, president of Pittston Area Federation of Teachers, Local 1590 of the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO.

“Members of both negotiating teams understand the challenges facing school districts and want to ensure that students have all of the resources and support that we can muster to succeed in school, in their careers, and in their lives,” McGlynn said.

The agreement sets a goal of limiting class sizes to 29 students per class in kindergarten through eighth grades and 32 students in high school. Research shows that smaller class sizes in lower grades result in better student outcomes. All members of the teachers’ and paraprofessionals’ bargaining units will receive modest raises, with no change in health care benefits.

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