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AFT Pennsylvania President Arthur Steinberg on COVID-19 Education Relief Package

Harrisburg, PA, Friday, March 27, 2020— AFT Pennsylvania President Arthur G. Steinberg, on Friday, issued the following statement after Governor Wolf signed SB751, a bill to provide regulatory relief to school districts, educators:

“I applaud Governor Wolf’s quick and decisive action in signing of SB751 today. At a time when educators, students, and their families are facing great uncertainty, this bill provides much-needed guidance and assuredness.

“In an effort to move COVID-19 education relief as quickly as possible, Senators amended SB751 to include measures needed immediately. Therefore, in the interest of the greater good during these uncertain times, AFT Pennsylvania supported the swift passage of this bill which waives the 180-day school year, allows the PA Secretary of Education to waive, among other things, the requirement to include performance data in a professional employee's performance rating, the NIMS assessment and the NOCTI exam for career and technical education students, continuing education for professional compliance period will be extended by one year.

“We are encouraged that the Pennsylvania House and Senate both unanimously voted to advance this bill to the Governor’s desk and wish to thank Governor Wolf, Chairman Langerholc and Chairman Sonney, the Senate and House Education Committee staff, and the staff at the PA Department of Education for their attention and swift action on this response.

“Our fight on Teacher Evaluation is not over, but in this time of crisis it is important that we put our differences aside to help the most people as quickly as possible.”


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