Ted Kirsch press release on State Budget Proposal

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PHILADELPHIA—After cutting nearly $1 billion from public education last year, Gov. Tom Corbett is proposing a budget that will continue to force local school districts to cut academic programs that Pennsylvania students need if they are going to be prepared to succeed. The governor is continuing down the ill-advised budget path he charted last year that forces more and more of the costs of our public schools onto the backs of local taxpayers.
Across the Commonwealth, these policies are bankrupting school districts and denying our children the educational opportunities they deserve. While the governor may be taking a smaller step backward than he did in his first budget, he is still moving in the wrong direction.
The governor’s commitment to creating jobs is to be commended—so many Pennsylvania families are hurting because of the lingering economic crisis. But it is disappointing that his commitment does not extend to adequate state support for education, one of the essential building blocks of economic recovery.
At the same time that the affordability of college has come under increased national scrutiny, Gov. Corbett wants to cut funding for the 14 state-owned universities by 20 percent and slash support for Penn State, the University of Pittsburgh and Temple University by about 30 percent. This is almost certain to raise direct costs to students and their families.