AFT Pennsylvania Lauds Us House Passage Of Build Back Better Act

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Harrisburg, PA, November 19, 2021— On behalf of its 36,000 members and 64 locals, AFT Pennsylvania President Arthur G. Steinberg, on Saturday, issued the following statement after the U.S. House passed the Build Back Better Act.

“Thanks to President Biden and the Democratic Majority in the U.S. House, we are one step closer to making the biggest investment ever in our nation’s future. While the ways the Build Back Better Act will improve the lives of educators, students, and families are numerous, we are particularly proud of the increased access to affordable childcare, universal high-quality free preschool, expanding access to free school meals, and making education beyond high school more affordable and accessible.

“Build Back Better also extends the Child Tax Credit, continuing the largest one-year reduction in child poverty in history, and provides a tax cut for Pennsylvania’s lowest wage workers.

“Bottom line: Build Back Better will improve the lives of Pennsylvania’s educators, its children, and its families. President Biden and Democrats in the House are delivering for the American people. Now it’s time that the U.S. Senate step up and pass this bill.”