AFTPA launches political action committee

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AFT Pennsylvania launched a statewide initiative to strengthen our union and fight the scurrilous attacks on our members, on public and higher education and on our work as public employees.

AFT Pennsylvania's Committee to Support Public Education – CSPE – is a political action fund to help elect candidates who support us, our families and the people and organizations we serve.
In recent years, we've become punching bags for politicians and policy makers. We’ve been maligned professionally. Funding for our schools and programs has been decimated. Our salaries, healthcare and pensions – not to mention our right to organize and speak with one voice – are under attack.
We can sit back (and watch our livelihoods slip away) or we can fight back.
CSPE is a voluntary, non-partisan fund for contributions from members and retirees, used elect candidates who share our values and advance policies favorable to our members. We cannot use union dues. Only through voluntary contributions from members and retirees can we make our voice heard.
Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. the FEC, big corporate donors have flooded the political system with hundreds of millions of dollars to advance an extreme agenda: gutting our salaries, healthcare and benefits; eliminating public employee pensions; siphoning money out of our schools, colleges and universities; and lining the pockets of education profiteers.
We can’t match multinational corporate donors dollar for dollar, but if every AFTPA member contributes $5 or $10 a month, we’d have hundreds of thousands of dollars to give you a real voice in the legislative process.
When Gov. Corbett proposes taking away our pensions and cutting funding to our schools and programs, we won’t be forced to sit on the sidelines. CSPE will give us the political muscle to get in the game and make sure our voices are heard in Harrisburg! 
Materials for AFTPA Leaders
CSPE: Stand Up. Speak Up. Sign Up. Flyer for AFTPA members and retirees.