Delegates elect AFTPA Executive Council

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AFT Pennsylvania delegates re-elected Ted Kirsch president at the organization's biennial convention in Harrisburg this summer. 

"It is an honor to lead AFT Pennsylvania and serve its members," Kirsch said. "Our distinguished board works hard to advocate for education and workers' rights. It is a privilege to be a part of this."

AFTPA officers and board members (below) serve two-year terms from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2019.

President Ted Kirsch
Executive Vice President Rosemary Boland
Treasurer Candy Lerner
Assistant Treasurer Jerry T. Jordan
Secretary Wendy G. Coleman
Assistant Secretary Denise Rogers
Vice President for Colleges Steve Newman
Vice President for FSFCCP Karen  Schermerhorn
Area & Technical Education Vice-President John Hartley
Paraprofessional Vice-President Karen  Kennedy
North West Vice-President Matthew Mikovich
South West Vice-President Jim Benedek
Central Vice-President Brett Reigh
South East Vice-President Tara Huber
North East Vice-President Patrick  Festa
Philadelphia Vice President Christopher Aichele
Philadelphia Vice President Robert Tate
Philadelphia Vice President Jenna Silverman
Philadelphia Vice President Cheryl Nesmith
Philadelphia Vice President Ed  Olsen
Philadelphia Vice President Arthur Steinberg
Pittsburgh Vice President Nina Esposito-Visgitis
Paraprofessional and School Relations Personnel Vice-President Marguerite Ruff
Legislative Representative Harold Grant
Assistant Legislative Representative Dolores Morris
Vice-President at Large Michelle Shaw-Carpenter
Vice-President at Large Kristopher Bergman
Vice-President at Large Beth Yoder
Vice-President at Large Meredith McGlynn
Vice-President at Large John Strauss
Vice-President at Large Arlene Kempin
Vice-President at Large Hannah McCarthy
Vice-President at Large William (Billy) Hileman
Vice-President for AFTPA Retirees Dee Phillips