Get Involved: Philadelphia Labor Activist Training

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The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO will host a year-long series of labor education workshops designed to better equip labor activists and leaders to meet the challenges facing today’s labor movement. Now in its second year, the Philadelphia Labor Activist Training will be co-sponsored by the Labor School at Penn State.

Download the brochure and application.

All local unions affiliated with the Philadelphia Council are eligible to send members to participate, as well as invited community allies. The curriculum consists of four comprehensive non-credit courses designed to develop critical thinking skills and to increase capacity for building power. Using a multi-union setting, the courses encourage participation and networking with other activists. Each course includes ten hours of classroom time over four weeks. Participants should commit to attending all four sessions of each course.

Instructors will include faculty from Penn State’s Labor School, labor leaders, and community experts. Participants who complete all four courses will graduate with a Certificate in Labor Studies from Penn State.

Philadelphia Labor Activist Trainings are co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO and The Labor School at Penn State.  The ULA is a year-long series of interactive labor education workshops, which are organized into four course themes, ranging from developing union leadership, labor history, current challenges to the labor movement, working with media, labor law and rights, and movement building.  The courses are taught by Penn State faculty, local labor leaders, historians, community experts, and practicing attorneys.   Participants who complete all four courses will receive a Certificate in Labor Studies from Penn State.  All local unions affiliated with the Philadelphia Council, as well as constituency groups and community allies are welcome to participate in this second year of the Philadelphia ULA. 

Valerie Braman, formerly a Staff Rep and Affiliate Organizer for AFT PA, is now working as the Labor Education Coordinator for Penn State’s Labor School in the Philadelphia region.  Working closely with the Philadelphia Council, Valerie will provide labor education services in the southeastern and eastern parts of the state.  She will be coordinating the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley ULA programs, and will also be available to work with CLCs, ALFS, and local unions on labor education programs in the region.