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PSI embraces educational support staff

Members of AFT's PSRP division and AFT Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson joined Public Services International, the global public service workers union, to help kick off its new endeavor, the Educational Support and Cultural Workers Network, at its founding meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pension 'reforms' could be hazardous to your financial security

The Corbett administration has declared war on the teachers' and public employees' pension systems. Calling the nearly 100-year-old pension systems a "tapeworm," Gov. Corbett said pension "reform" is a top priority this year. Find out what this means for your future financial security.

Corbett's budget: Big Business Feels the Love; Education & Workers Feel the Pain

Gov. Tom Corbett unveiled his budget for 2013-14 in Harrisburg on Tuesday, Feb. 5, and it looks like  more of the same: tax breaks for big business and pension cuts, job losses and flat-line education spending for the rest of us. AFTPA Executive Vice President Rosmary Boland, who watched the governor's address, in the Capitol Rotunda, released two statements: one about proposed cuts to school and state employee pensions and another on education funding.

Statement on PA Budget Office's Pension Report

The Corbett administration is using scare tactics, exaggerations and misinformation to convince the public that public employee pensions must be cut or eliminated to prevent state pension funds from consuming tax dollars that should go to schools, roads and other vital services. Read