A Message to Educators from Governor Wolf

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Dear Educators,

Since taking office, education has been my top priority. Together, we have begun to turn the page on the failed policies of the past, and I know that you are absolutely vital to our commonwealth’s success.

Unfortunately, many in Washington and Harrisburg are targeting teachers’ unions – you’re under attack, and as long as I am governor, I will not let anyone take away your voice or rights. I will continue to defend you, fight for you, and stop dangerous legislation from becoming law.

Over the last two years, working together, we stopped a bill that would have devastated school districts’ local control of their budgets. I vetoed House Bill 805 that was designed to plan for mass layoffs of educators and relied too heavily on failed high-stakes testing to determine teacher effectiveness.

We also worked closely to defeat a bill that would have allowed political appointees to privatize public schools and replace educators with uncertified employees.

I will not stand for any efforts to pass paycheck deception, nor will I tolerate efforts to prohibit union leave for teachers across the Commonwealth.

You and our children suffered as a result of the previous administration’s one billion dollar education cut. And we are doing everything we can to restore these cuts.

By standing up to the status quo, we have secured more than $465 million for K through 12 education, including nearly $100 million for Philadelphia classrooms.  Additionally, we secured $58 million for Philadelphia schools in revenue from the cigarette tax, and won a key victory on a bill that sends city schools two-thirds of the funding generated from the assessment levied on ride-share companies in Philadelphia.

We’ve made progress, and I could not have done it without you. Change is hard to achieve, and only won through continuing to fight every day. We have much more to do, but are moving in the right direction every single day.

Treating teachers fairly and with respect is not only right, but it is also how we make sure that our children will succeed. I am asking you to continue to support me so that I can continue to fight for you and with you.


Governor Tom Wolf